How energy drinks affect your health


Consumption of energy drinks is an excellent way to combat fatigue during the day, to concentrate and to move the school day or work easily, with a little anger and a little more smiles. Energy drinks improve short-term memory, providing essential vitamins body, easy to carry and do not contain sugar or calories, thus helping to lose weight easily.

Energy drinks – that come in lemon or orange – include Chinese herbal extracts such as ginseng. This herb has been used for thousands of years as a remedy for fatigue and weakness in China, and has been scientifically proven that he can also improve the ability to think.

Energy drinks are the ideal supplement for many groups in the population, such as young people, working mothers and an older population, and can also be a perfect addition for those involved in sports and those who want to lose weight and also solve the problem of tonsil stones quickly.

Students can use the drink in order to improve short-term memory while studying for exams and increase your energy level to easily move a long night of studying.

Night shift workers can be assisted in those energy drinks to keep the concentration too stressful conditions and times are not easy.

Working mothers can use energy drinks if they want to reduce the physical and mental tensions, up to the task of the job and still spend enough quality time with the kids.

The busy business people many tasks at the same time can use energy drinks that help improve the body’s activity and the activity of thought, especially on busy days and anxious.

Drinking during exercise returns to the body fluids lost in sweat, prevents dehydration and can help to improve exercise capacity, prevent fatigue and reduce stress on the muscles. Professional athletes know this well, but also engaged in sports leisure should follow proper drinking water not only during exercise but also in front of her. Fluid loss during exercise, taking place mainly in sweat, but also breathing, is added to the hot weather in Israel, which puts the gymnasts in danger of dehydration. Duty, therefore, to drink enough during exercise, Aitnsibit more or less.

Sodium concentration in the blood is one of the indicators for monitoring fluid balance: as the value rises above the normal range, it is more likely that the body dries. However, when the value is too low body sodium This shows too much dilution of the blood. Not many people know this, but drinking plenty of water during prolonged exercise may lead to actually decrease the values of sodium in the blood, since the body does not return himself at the same time the sailors lost in sweat. Therefore, drinking only water during prolonged exercise can cause heat conditions unhealthy state of hyponatremia. Solution: Energy Drink.

Back in the eighties has been shown that energy drink helps in improving exercise capacity than water. A recent study published in the April issue of the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise reinforced again this statement. The study found that energy drink is probably the best solution and amateur athletes engaged in sports. The study suggests that the bodies of gymnasts who consume energy drink during exercise tires to 37% less. In addition, energy drink helps gymnasts to run faster, improve motor ability and sharpen the mind.

When engaging in sports, body water and salts lost in sweat. Another advantage of the energy drink on the water is that it provides the body with a number of electrolytes (minerals) are lost with sweat, such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium and other components that provide energy during strenuous physical activity. Energy drink consumption during exercise also ensures that the body does not overheat. Energy Drink is, therefore, fuel the body that consume the correct size to increase exercise capacity and maintain an average of essential minerals – such as sodium – the body during effort.
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